Sausages perfectly grilled

How Chef Hans grills his sausages

Our German sausages can easily be grilled to perfection.

It’s quite simple on the gas or electric grill, but if I want it really authentic, I will of course use charcoal. Here are a few tips – interesting for those who usually grill on charcoal and those who use other grills, such as gas or electric.

First, I need heat. If you are using an electric or gas grill, please do not grill at maximum heat, but at moderate temperature. Our sausages are all pre-cooked and only have to be re-heated, aiming to get a nice color (I don’t consider black to be a nice color for sausages to eat).

If you are using charcoal, it is best to get it to glow using a starter chimney.

Simply put a few lighter cubes outside on a fireproof surface and light. Place a few handfuls of good quality charcoal (not too large, but not too small pieces either) into the Chimney and place it over the burning lighter cubes.

Within 10-20 minutes, the charcoal is beautifully glowed through and can be transferred to the grill. For larger grills or multi-chamber grills, I repeat this procedure as required until the grill is filled. I use gastro-grill charcoal – the quality is simply much better compared to what you usually get at the hardware store.

Please do not stack too much glowing charcoal into the grill, otherwise the embers will be too hot and the sausages burn quickly. After filling the charcoal in the grill, please wait a little longer, as in the beginning the embers are still too hot. For a burger or steak this may work, but sausages will burn.

If the heat is moderate, put the sausages on the grill and turn as often as possible.

In the picture, you see our authentic German Bratwurst – which is our absolut bestseller.

The sausages should first get hot inside and then brown outside. The browning of the sausages happens very fast once the sausages are hot inside.

The sausages are finished when they have a nice brown color on the outside and are hot enough inside. This can be recognized by the sausages expanding a bit to the point of showing a few cracks, which looks beautifully rustic.

Whether you want to cut the sausages as shown in the picture or just leave as is, Chef Hans won’t mind.

If you have a warming rack on the grill, you can keep the sausages up to an hour, with the taste not being compromised.


Guten Appetit!

I love these sausages just with a little bit of hot mustard – of course the Löwensenf extra. But it’s also delicious with some other topics – for example Sauerkraut, caramelised onions and Ketchup.

And here on the left, you see the footlong Bratwurst in action.

If you would like to share your experience or have anything to add, please leave a comment.

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